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Nokia NYC flagship store preview

Peter Rojas

We managed to score a sneak preview of Nokia's still-not-quite-finished flagship retail store on 57th street in here in Manhattan earlier today. (And yes, it's right around the corner from the new Apple flagship store). The space itself isn't massive -- the entire sales area is less than 2,000 square feet -- but it does share the clean, modern design (and walls of LCD screens and LEDs) of the Chicago store which Chris visited back in June.

Click on for a bunch of pics:


They're still putting the finishing touches on the front of the store. So far no one is camped out front for the grand opening on the 9th.

First Floor

Lots of color-shifting ambient lighting.

The wall of accessories.

Second Floor

Pick up a phone and the screen behind it will automatically display information about it.

Third Floor

Yup, there's a floor just for the Vertu. They are just right next door to Yves Saint Laurent...

No major surprises or unannounced phones or anything (not that we were expecting any of that), but definitely well worth the trip, even if you're not a Nokia fanboy.

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