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Sony drops the UX280P, with twice the RAM and HDD


After mysteriously pulling all mentions of the UX180P from their online store a week or so ago -- they claimed they were merely out of stock -- Sony is back with the UX280P, which doubles both the RAM and the HDD size from that of the UX180P. Along with the new 40GB hard drive and 1GB of RAM, we hope they found some time to refresh that debilitating software we encountered in our hands-on preview of the 180. The processor remains the same ol' Core Solo U1200, and there's still EDGE, WiFi and Bluetooth radios. Unfortunately, the price has now reached the $2000 mark, so you best have cash to burn or a real good excuse for some UMPC+QWERTY action, or you're just going to look silly.

[Via jkOnTheRun]

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