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Tingle's weird Wired ride


Let's face it, Tingle isn't exactly a normal guy. So when he gets his very own game, it's only fitting that someone step up with a review to match the man-fairy. Wired's Chris Kohler took up the challenge with his recent impressions of Tingle's Freshly-Picked Rose-Colored Rupee Land -- or is it Freshly-Pickled -- whatever, that Tingle RPG.

The thrust of which is that you, as brightly-colored Tingle, need to collect a veritable peck of rupees in order to climb that stairway to Rupee Land, a heaven filled with good food, good times, and good women.

Yeah, Tingle. With the women.

But all questions of beards aside (though Tingle's is mighty fine), Kohler offers a nice breakdown of the game and a lot of jokes at our sassily dressed hero's expense. But beware of spoilers, as he's pretty blunt about how things go in the first dungeon.

Mogitate Tingle no Barairo Rupee Land is now out in Japan. We wonder if importing it would make the game any more or less strange.

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