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IFA 2006: ATI announces Xilleon 260 for 1080p HDTVs


ATI has been putting chips in HDTVs and set-top boxes for a while now, and at IFA recently they announced their latest, the Xilleon 260. This system-on-a-chip processor is a single chip solution that will power "full HD" or 1080p HDTVs for worldwide markets. It handles HD deinterlacing, 3D comb filter, dynamic contrast, noise reduction, sharpness, and color control as well as audio.Previous versions have been in HDTVs from many leading manufacturers including samsung and JVC, although it's not immediately clear if these do motion-adaptive deinterlacing for non-1080p content. We'll be eagerly awaiting the first TVs to include these processors to see what the quality is like.

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