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MacGourmet call for beta testers


MacGourmet, the recipe and ingredient management tool that we took a look at a number of months ago, is readying version 2.0 for public consumption. Currently they are running a closed beta, and are in need of participants. For the unfamiliar, MacGourmet lets you not only store recipes, but create "relationships" between wines and dishes you like, upload you database to .Mac, create shopping lists and so on. It's really quite nice.

The folks behind MacGourmet have laid out the specifics for potential beta testers. From the website:

"I really need testers with the following characteristics or for the following areas:

  • People with medium to large databases to test migration to the new database format.
  • People who are interested in .Mac publishing, and have done it before in the past.
  • People who are interested in scaling, and know what to look for when the scaled values are wrong.
  • People who are interested in english to metric conversions and know what to look for when the conversions are wrong."
If that's you, drop them a line. I'm sure they'd appreciate your help.

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