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Playstation 3 launch misfire: Europe delayed to March '07, 500k total for Japan & US


If you were planning on buying the Playstation 3 for gaming or as a "cheap" Blu-ray player you may want to get in line now for the November 17th launch --- not so fast Europe. Due to the shortage of blue laser diodes, there are so few that the PS3 launch in Europe and other PAL territories has been scratched for 2006 and pushed back to March 2007. According to a report from the AP, there will only be 100,000 units available in Japan at launch, and 400,000 in the US. As a result, they only expect to ship 2 million total by the end of 2006, down from the 4 million expected previously. We all remember how hard it was to get the Xbox 360 last year, which launched worldwide and had approximately 400,000 available in the US. Sony still thinks they can hit their target of 6 million Playstation 3s available by March 2007 which should be approximately the same time they are available for less than double the MSRP on eBay.

[Via Joystiq & thanks to all who sent this in]

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