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A Mac on the cover of Playboy

David Chartier

These days you can't turn on a TV, open a magazine or walk down the street without spotting an Apple product or at least an ad for one, and now it seems Apple's expanding popularity has even landed the company on the cover of October's Playboy (Zinio link, semi-safe for work). In the quest to leave their photoshopped mark on everything that adorns the magazine, Playboy (or Apple?) felt the need (or jumped at the chance) to add a personalized touch to what looks like a 12-inch PowerBook, and swapped out the Apple logo for Playboy's (let's see PowerBook laser etching pull this off).

TUAW reader Travis Smith tipped us off to the appearance, and from the cover (no, we don't have a subscription) it doesn't look like this is some 'Bunnies love Macs' special issue or anything. Still, it's nice to see Apple getting some love from the Hugh and crew.

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