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Even More Burning Crusade Leaks

Mike Schramm

Even more leaks are finding their way out of the supposedly ubersecret Burning Crusade Friends and Family Alpha. First we saw videos of the newbie areas, then we heard the voices of BE and Draenei, and now, using a model hacker, various sources have put together a few more spoilers about the expansion. If, like me, you want to wait until you buy the game to actually see what's in it, don't click on the links below. But if you're willing to dive into unreleased and unconfirmed information because you just can't wait to find out what might be in the expansion, have at it!

  • borgseawolf over on Livejournal has put up four huge image strips of a bunch of different enemies from the game. Some of them are still untextured, but there's a lot of interesting stuff in there, including a few new forms of mobs we already know and love.
  • And YouTuber roguekitten246 has unearthed video animations of the emotes and fighting movements of the Draenei male, the Draenei female, and the Blood Elf male and BE female. Again, don't click on the links if you don't want to see spoilers, but I have to say that I think the Horde are going to be pretty happy to have the BEs on their side. They look good.
  • Also, Eluna (who sent us the voices) also sends along a few other pics from the alpha: some freaky skelly, a felorc, a female and male naga, a race whose name we won't mention, and the normal and epic Draenei mounts.
Again, hacking the code like this is definitely against the Blizzard TOS and may even be illegal, so we can't confirm or guarantee any of these pictures or movies are exactly what you'll see in Burning Crusade. Even if they are real, there's a huge chance things will change before the game is released, so take these with a grain of salt. That said-- wow these look awesome!

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