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Firmware 2.81 now available via network update [update 1]

Chris Powell

Sony has released its expected 2.81 firmware via network update and on its Japanese PSP Web site. The biggest change in the firmware is the the 4GB Memory Stick limit is lifted.

Other additions have been translated by DCEmu member b8a:

  • A fix for corrupted protection management data in ATRAC files that were protected in SonicStage and saved to Memory Stick Pro Duo.
  • A fix for files formatted with a PSP or Memory Stick formatter that are recognized as unformatted media on a Memory Stick Pro Duo when connecting the PSP to a PC with USB cable
More than likely, this new firmware is Sony attempt at combatting the new libtiff exploit that allowed for downgrading 2.71 PSPs, but we'll know for sure once a few people who are much more smart than me start picking through the update.

I'm downloading the update now and will let you know how it goes.

(Thanks Craig)

[Update 1: After updating, the following text is displayed: "Revisions to strengthen security have been added."]

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