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Virtusphere brings together VR, hamsterball technology

Kyle Orland

We here at Joystiq are all about the virtual reality technology, but the current state-of-the-art in hand-waving leaves us a little wanting. Enter the Virtusphere, a 10-foot tall, 400+ pound hollow steel sphere with sensors that translate every step into in-game movement. The Russian-made device, which has apparently been in development since at least 1996, uses a head-mounted display and handheld controller to allow free, immersive exploration and viewing of a 3D world.

The device seems targeted primarily towards military and police training uses, but the possibilities for gaming are obvious. Just the idea of using this thing for some Super Monkey Ball or even American Gladiators-style Atlasphere matches gets us all excited. What game world would you like to explore in a giant, virtual hamsterball?

[Thanks bassbeast]

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