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24-inch iMac: Perfect synergy of computer and HDTV?

Matt Burns

Can't you see this 24-inch iMac mounted up on your office wall with a DVR full of [insert favorite HDTV show here] The new 24-inch iMac may be the closest thing on the market to a perfect platform for a HDTV with a built-in computer. Or is it a computer with a built-in HDTV? Alas, the model doesn't have any type of tuner action, but that can easily be added and suddenly, you have a great sized computer/HDTV for a bedroom or home office. 24-inches is a great size for close to medium viewing and since these iMacs can be equiped with 500GB hard drives and come with built-in Bluetooth and 802:11g you would only need to run a power and a cable line if you wall mount it. (VESA mounting adapter sold separately) Finally you have a way to get your mid-day HD Rosie O'Donnell fix without leaving your office chair.

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