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An apology, and a note on hype

Yesterday afternoon, we ran a post that generated an immense (and unexpected) amount of interest and speculation. Instead of defusing the prolonged PR tease that Nintendo has been escalating for the past year, we contributed to it. Instead of doing our readers a service, we added more confusion to the situation. The post was vague and left only room for disappointment which, inevitably, came at 12:01.

The worst part is, we understand that it was our hard-earned credibility that contributed to this excitement cocktail. There are gaming websites that trade in hype, and we've always prided ourselves on avoiding it. If we tell you that something is "major" and "worth waiting for," naturally you would expect it to be. As you've all no doubt noticed by now, news that IBM has begun shipping processors for Nintendo's Wii console, while potentially telling, is hardly the sort of megaton announcement we alluded to or fans were dreaming of. It became increasingly clear as the comments increased and the diggs increased, that we would reap what we had sown. Our credibility and reader trust are all we have, and we are taking measures immediately to ensure that we don't make this mistake again. We're very sorry for the error in judgment.


Christopher Grant
Editor, Joystiq

PS - We've switched off comments in the earlier two posts, and ask you to direct your comments here where they can be more productive.

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