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Disney drops Pix Micro, Click and Max kiddie-cams


It's not exactly a technological tour de force, but Disney's new lineup of heavily branded digital cameras should hit their target market -- the wallets of pampered children's parents -- quite nicely. Starting off the branding extravaganza is the $20 Pix Micro cam (pictured), which shoots 352 x 240 pics and runs on a single AAA battery. A tad more exciting is the $50 Pix Click camera, which has a 1-inch color LCD, storage for 200 VGA pics, a built-in flash, TV output and 2 interchangable faceplates -- which of course prominently feature exciting Disney properties like our personal fav: "High School Musical." The $80 Disney Pix Max really pushes things to the limit, featuring a 3 megapixel CCD, 1.5-inch color LCD, expandable memory, TV-out and a flash. Finally, we have the Disney Princess Digital Movie Maker, which goes for $80 and includes 32MB of built-in memory for shooting VGA princess flicks -- Princess not included.

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