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Eidos and Time-Warner in cahoots?

Nick Doerr

To make a long story short, there are some rumors circulating about Eidos being in talks with Time-Warner in an effort to get creative license for Time-Warner movies -- to make movies into video games (as opposed to the ill-fated stigma of games into movies... except the first Mortal Kombat. That one was sweet). If the deal goes through, Time-Warner will get an approximated 10% share of Eidos. That's a sizable chunk, but not one that'll change the way they make games or do business. Eidos responded to these claims in the third-person: "Eidos does not comment on speculation or rumour."

What could this portend? More Lord of the Rings games? Austin Powers realized in next-gen? With a sigh... Snakes on a Plane (please no... it's bad enough Hollywood had to make a point with "it doesn't matter what the quality of a movie is -- look at our clever marketing and casting!")? Not that we all have a Time-Warner movie catalog in our minds... but what movie (any movie, really) would you want to see as a game? Oh, and Time-Warner, how about you pick up the Fear Effect franchise Eidos left behind? The world is ready for a movie version.

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