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MCV speculates on UK Wii date, price

Kyle Orland

British trade weekly MCV is reporting this morning that the Wii will go on sale "shortly before Friday November 24th" for a price of £149 in the UK. However, Nintendo UK boss David Yarnton responded in an interview with that the story is "not far off, but they're definitely not right."

What to believe? MCV doesn't cite any sources for its information, but Managing Editor Lisa Foster told CVG that she is "very confident about the story, especially the price and that Nintendo Wii will launch in the week ending November 24." The publication does have a track record of breaking big industry news before it is officially announced, recently being among the first publications to break word of E3's downsizing. We'll know for sure whether their reputation holds up when Nintendo releases official word on the date and pricing, likely to come a week from now at a planned European press conference.

The MCV article also assures Europeans that system availability will not be an issue, with "senior industry sources" reporting "plentiful supplies anticipated for both the November launch and the Christmas run-in."

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