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MTV's MHD is going stay MHD - no reality TV shows

Matt Burns

People like MTV's high-def station, MHD, because the station isn't anything like what MTV has evolved into. MHD is all about music not some reality TV show where the grandparents of some teenage girl all sit on a bus trying to decide how to spend $120,000 on her 13th birthday. No, MHD is like the MTV of old, when music was king video killed the radio star and that is the way it is going to stay too according to MTV's senior vice president and GM, Eric Sherman. This station is going to stay all about the music. There isn't going to be any reality TV shows, documentaries, or even award shows in high-def because it has little to nothing to do with HD. Cool, now if we can get back a little Beavis and Butthead to fill in the commercial breaks here and there, it would be just like the good 'ol MTV.

UPDATE: TV Week provided us with the actual interview they conducted as part of their weekly HD newsletter.

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