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New Lumenlab 1000 lumens projector on the cheap

Cyrus Farivar

As far as sharable gadgets go, there's nothing like a good projector for bringing loved ones together, y'know? One thing that's been stopping many people from getting one is their relatively high price tag -- they typically start around a grand or two, compared to some of those hot budget LCD HDTVs floating around. However, the good folks at Lumenlab stand to make a killing off of this new projector that they're selling for far less: $500. What's the secret? Lumenlab is probably not going to give away the whole recipe, but they will say that the HID lamp, that the company claims will last over 6000 hours, retails for only $30. The still nameless projector supports 854 x 480 natively, but also goes up to 1024 x 768, has a 600:1 contrast ratio, 1000 ANSI lumens, supports RGB, PAL, NTSC, Component, S-Video, or VGA inputs. The company is taking pre-orders on its website -- so hurry up and open up your wallets now, because remember, you heard it here first: inexpensive projectors are the new, um, cheap LCD TVs.

[Thanks, Shrikant]

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