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Transfer current TiVo lifetime sub to Series 3

Matt Burns

So, you purchased that lifetime TiVo subscription but want one of those shiny new Series 3 boxes. TiVo has you covered -- kind of. It is going to cost you a mere $199 one-time fee (heard that before) to transfer over your Series 1 or Series 2 subscription. There is a catch though. It looks like the new TiVo needs to be purchased before December 31st and the transfer has to happen before January 31, 2007. That old box isn't going to be rendered useless though as TiVo will endow upon it one year of service for free. Awful nice of them considering you spend at least $299 for the lifetime on the older TiVo, $800 on the new box and $199 to transfer the original lifetime subscription. You would think that for $800 bucks they would throw in the transfer but they do have all those legal fees to deal with.

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