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Trauma Center interview


Tomm Hulett of Atlus USA recently sat down with IGN to discuss his project Trauma Center: Second Opinion on the Wii. During the interview, Tomm discusses such things as how the name of the game was decided, the difference between remakes and ports, and how the new doctor's "Healing Touch" is unique. Nothing much was said in regards to improvements or new features in the game, however Tomm did at least reveal one new tool:

"I think the coolest new tool is the Defibrillator. It just seemed like a natural fit for the Wii, so we really argued for its inclusion. You move your controllers forward to place the paddles on the patient, then you see a voltage meter. You have to press the Z Button and B Button at the same time when the voltage is at the right level."

Turns out Progressive Scan support is still up in the air and 16:9 is a no-go for the game. On top of that, Tomm sees the rumble-enhanced control scheme of the nunchuk-Wiimote combo superior to the already-amazing controls of Trauma Center: Under the Knife on the DS.

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