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What Class Next?

David Nelson

The day I have always known would come has arrived. I have tired of my warlock. As my priest before it, I am getting bored with the mechanics of the class. I feel I gave the class a good spin, with about 10 months played, after the year I spent on my priest. Which leads me to my question for you guys. What class next?

I definitely don't want to be a rogue, as I leveled one to about 40, and never really had much fun. Shammy is out as well, as I want the class to be Alliance for a change. I am also going to give the thumbs down to hunter, as there seems to be a ton of them and I would like to get into a raiding guild. So, that leaves me with mage, warrior, paladin and druid.

Pro: Conjuring my own water. Sheeping looks fun. More things to nuke with besides shadowbolts and no endless dots.
Con: I already did 2 casting classes. Looks like a lot of downtime when grinding. AOE grinding looks hard to me.

Pro: Always needed for groups. I can choose any race I want. Seems gear dependent, but I have some buddies on the server I am thinking of rolling on, so I shall get twinked to a certain extent.
Con: Like the hunter, it seems like there are a ton of them. Also, some end game guilds have certain specs they require, which could kill soloing.

Pro: Playing horde, I really don't have a clue what a Pally does, beyond bubbling, buffing and judging. I am guessing it is more complex than that, and I think I might like to check it out. I also think the tier 2 armor looks pretty awesome. Con: I already played a healing class, and when I got sick of healing, I got really sick of healing. I fear a pally might be the same thing. Also, while I have seen some people vocally disagree, the DPS of a pally is supposed to be not so hot.

Pro: Shifting forms seems cool. The community of druids seems pretty vocal. Warsong Gulch would be pretty exciting as a flag carrier, or so I have heard.
Con: Again, the healbot thing. While the community is vocal, a lot of the druids I have run into seem, um, sensitive, about their class.

I am thinking warrior, but I am just not sure yet. I am sure some of my pros and cons are off base, as I just don't know a ton about these classes. I don't want to play alts and decide on one, as I hate working on more than one character at once. So, I ask you, which one? Am I totally off base in my pros and cons?

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