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EA: Spore is PC only ... for now

Ross Miller

Despite Will Wright's dreams to put Spore on every medium known to man, Electronic Arts has released a statement to taper off expectations that the Sim Everything is fast approaching a release onto any next-gen consoles. "Though we're investigating the possibilities of bringing the franchise to other platforms in the future," the statement reads, "any announcements or confirmations for the Wii or any other platform would be premature."

The Wii reference may be a direct result of UK magazine NGamer's
recent article that suggests Spore is coming to Nintendo Wii in Spring 2007. As it stands, Wright's team is "100% focused on finishing Spore on the PC and PC only." That said, you'd have to be pretty foolish to believe Spore will remain exclusive to any format. Like The Sims before it, Wright's latest project will likely invade every screen -- television, computer, mobile phone, etc. -- on Earth.

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