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Gefen rolls out 4x1 / 8x1 1080p-capable DVI switchers

Darren Murph

Just in case you get the itch to hook up nearly every high definition source currently available (okay, maybe not all of them) in the comfort of your living room, Gefen has unveiled two new plug and play DVI switchers for the biggest of HD junkies. Doubling up on its DVI KVM device, the 4x1 DVI switcher sports 4 dual-link DVI inputs along with a single output, and supports local switching right on the box -- upping the ante even further is the 8x1 flavor, which conviently comes in a 1U rackmountable enclosure and touts HDCP passthrough capability. Both units sport IR remote switching, RS-232 serial ports, includes as many 6 foot DVI cables as inputs, and can sustain HDTV signals 1080p. Detangling that royal mess of DVI cables won't come cheap, however, as the little guy will run you $349, while the 8-port sibling demands a whopping (but not at all surprising) $899.

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