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Wal-Mart to advertise HDTVs on Monday Night Football

Matt Burns

When the HDTV buying bug comes around and bits ya, do you think "Man, I need to head down to Wal-Mart to check out the latest HDTVs -- plus, they have my favorite fruit snacks on sale." Wal-Mart is hoping that with a little bit of advertising targeting the Monday Night Football crowd that eventually someone will. The big giant massive box retailer is going to try to throw their giant weight around and force their way into the HDTV arena currently owned by Best Buy and Circuit City. Will it work? Yup. They did the same thing a few years ago when they over took Toys-R-Us as the number one retailer of children's toys. We don't think many of our readers descend down to the sub-culture of Wal-Mart to buy an HDTV but many of their current shoppers will.

Would you buy an HDTV at Wal-Mart?

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