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Wii-eel attachment looks rather un-wii-ldy

Ross Miller

Oh, the fanboys are going to hate us for this one ...

With eight launch titles, including the much-hyped exclusive Red Steel, there's no denying that Ubisoft is an avid supporter of the Nintendo Wii. For the launch title GT Pro, however, Ubisoft is preparing to set a dangerous trend by packaging what appears to be a cheap plastic steering wheel attachment.

Shown to IGN, neither the concept art nor supposed prototype give the impression that this attachment is anything more than a large, plastic donut. The interview claims that this attachment will work with any racing gaming -- and unless there is a stand involved with the wheel, we'd go so far as to say it could work with any game that doesn't need the use of the Wiimote's trigger button.

Does this mark the beginning of an over-saturation of Wii attachments, thus cheapening the controller as a whole? The nunchuks have an accelerometer and the zapper has trigger and added joystick, but the steering wheel looks to add nothing to functionality.

Prove us wrong, Ubisoft.

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