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24-inch iMac unpacking pr0n

David Chartier

It should come as no surprise that once a new product like the 24-inch iMac is introduced, the unpacking pr0n soon follows. These pictures hail from a .Mac user we know only as 'bigeyed' - yea, that's right: not a Flickr album. While there are obviously more attractive images in the set, I chose the one accompanying this post because of its sheer width; I can't think of another time we have seen an Apple keyboard swimming in so much styrofoam.

While there isn't anything much else mind-blowing, check out bigeyed's gallery if you can't get your eyes on enough 24-inch iMac paraphernalia, and congrats to all the lucky new owners out there.

[Update: here is a duggmirror link to the thumbnail pictures; unfortunately they don't have a way of mirroring the larger ones.]

Thanks Glenn

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