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First homebrew hybrid Blu-ray/HD DVD 'player'

Matt Burns

We have a hard time calling this contraption a 'player' but by definition, it plays back both Blu-ray and HD DVD's and therefore, we digress; it is a player, just not a conventional set-top version. Basically, this computer is equipped with the NEC HD DVD drive from Toshiba's HD A1 set-top player (top drive) and the Sony internal PC Blu-ray drive (next one down) that made all those waves a few weeks back. Payback is made possible from the Japanese release of WinDVD 8 Platinum and is feed through Sapphire's HDCP-certified graphics card. Apparently everything runs smooth as silk (so says the owner) on the AMD 64 3200 powering the whole system dispite the fact that Cyberlink claims dual-core processors are necessary for any high-def media playback. In fact he claims the Blu-ray playback is better then the Samsung BD-P1000 set-top player. But here it is, the first hybrid Blu-ray/HD DVD player. Now, can someone please put the drives in a HTPC box so the whole thing doesn't look so nerdy.

[Thanks for the tip Tyler]

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