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Unboxing the 24-inch iMac


It's taken a little longer than we anticipated, but here they are: the first unboxing shots of Apple's new 24-inch iMac to go alongside those recent benchmarks. It's not the most comprehensive unboxing set we've seen, nor the most tidy (check out that cable mess!), but the fact that it's the first means that the guy behind the camera automatically gets our Engadget-branded kudos. The scale of the machine is a little hard to judge -- we *think* that's a 17-inch iMac in the later shots -- but the one thing we have learned from the pictures is very welcome: the increase in screen size makes the 24-incher's plastic "chin" the least distracting of all the iMac models. Apple, take note -- making an iMac that looks less like Jay Leno was a good decision. Keep reading to check out this new Mac in all its unboxed glory, then hit up the Read link for the full gallery...

[Via TUAW]

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