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Best Buy is taking pre-orders for the Series 3: Pick up date 9/17/06 - UPDATE

Ben Drawbaugh

It is pretty obvious that we can't wait to get our hands on a Series 3 TiVo, first we got to play with it at CES, then we had to live with the fact that we weren't choosen for the Beta and we weren't the first to get un-boxing pictures. But we are doing everything we can to get one, including pestering every Best Buy employee we can for details. Well it may have paid off because a Best Buy employee took our money today and promised to deliver by telling us we could pick up the Series 3 on Sunday the 17th. As much as we want to believe him, we will when we have it in hand. For now we will continue to check's Series 3 page until they block us because they think we are DOSing them.

UPDATE: The Series 3 TiVo is getting love from Circuit City too via their online catalog. Input your zip and then navigate to the video section and it is right there under the TiVo & ReplayTV section.

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