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Want to work and WoW? No problem!

Jennie Lees

Playing WoW as your day job is a pipe dream for most, but instead of fitting your WoW habit around your job, why not get a new job that accommodates WoW?

It may sound impossible, but there are plenty of occupations which allow for a little MMO indulgence on the side:

  • Student. Juggle the rigours of academic life with the endless PvP grind! Flexible (and optional) class schedules mean you will never have to miss a queue again. But be warned: student parties can interfere with your raiding!
  • Monarch. Being the King or Queen of your own country is a sure-fire way to make sure your lackeys can do all the real work, leaving you plenty of time to level that alt.
  • Milkman or postman. Sure, you have early hours, but think of all that time left in the day to raid!
  • Blogger. The ultimate work-from-home occupation; blog in queues, on gryphons, even while raidhealing if you're a good multitasker.
  • Millionaire. See Monarch.
  • Professional gamer. If you're really good, your elite gaming skills can lead people to prostrate themselves at your feet with money. Good luck with that one, and don't forget to throw some our way when you're done with that glittering career.

So there you have it. Whichever grind you want to fit into your life, there are ways and means -- enjoy your new life with WoW!

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