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DIRECTV's satellite launch plans (READ: more HD content)

Matt Burns

What's on the minds of every DIRECTV HD customer these days. We're thinking "When the blasted are we going to get more high-def stations?" Well, we have good news and bad news. First the good: DIRECTV is, in fact, launching two new satellites. Cool. The bad news is that they aren't until next spring and summer. Sucks. Satellite, blandly but accurately named, Directv-10 is scheduled to launch on April 6 and then Directv-11 sometime in the summer of '07. Unfortunately, this is right on schedule with their DIRECTV's plans from two years ago yesterday. We were hoping that maybe, just maybe, they would get up there a bit sooner and just because these birds are flying doesn't mean that they are going to be active immediately. It takes time to get them set and who knows, they might not be turned on till both of 'em are up there. We still don't know exactly what they are going to be used for but one can only hope, and pray, that they will remedy DIRECTV's bandwidth problems and provide subscribers with many new HD stations. But the big question is, can they hold their subscriber base for at least another 9 months with their current lackluster high-def lineup when Dish Network offers 30 high definition channels.

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