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Eric Nylund talks Ghosts of Onyx


In Friday's weekly update at Bungie, there's a nice interview with Eric Nylund, author of the good Halo novels, The Fall of Reach and First Strike, as well as the upcoming Halo novel, Ghosts of Onyx. He chats about the Halo story bible, how he became involved with the Halo franchise in the first place, and he discusses the differences between writing a novel and writing a game. This is the man who's writing Gears of War, lest you missed that info. It's worth a read for those that like to learn about what goes into making video games.

You can also check out Franky geeking out over some schweet ground textures. He also asks an important question: what's that weird non-Spartan armor on the lower right hand side of the cover? Any guesses?

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