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Home Theater Mag Review: Sharp XV-Z3000 DLP projector

Matt Burns

Should a $3,000 DLP home projector have a great picture. Yup. Should it have the best contrast ratio that Home Theater Mag has ever seen from a front projector. Nope. This review house has been churning out reviews of $10,000+ units for some time now and for this modest Sharp 720p DLP unit to step up and take down all the records is, well, great. Home theater projectors are finally maturing to a point where the úber-expensive units don't offer that much more in terms of picture quality. Home Theater Mag measured the black level at a very impressive 0.001 foot-lamberts equating to a 3,000:1 contrast ratio. Silicon Optix HQV Benchmark DVD proved that the video processing is rather efficient too. Overall, they found this projector to be an excellent bargain for 3k and offer the owner a wide array of options.

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