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Inteset's "Julia" touchscreen-based MCE unit


Inteset continues its unique naming scheme for its MCE devices, adding the Julia to its line-up to compliment its Denzel, Vana and, um, TeraRAID units. This one's particularly notable for the inclusion of a touchscreen display, which is no easy feat given Media Center's decidedly touchscreen-unfriendly interface. To get around that, Inteset whipped up some custom pop-up menus and keyboards so you can navigate your way around without cluttering up your desk or countertop. The unit itself packs a 17-inch widescreen display, along with a CD/DVD drive, TV and FM tuners, 80GB hard drive, and Ethernet and WiFi capabilities. While the Julia's designed to work in conjunction with Inteset's other media server products, it'll also apparently work as a standalone unit, which would suggest it's got a bit more under the hood, though exactly what isn't clear. Neither are price nor availability, unfortunately.

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