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Joyswag: Most impressive gamer rig

Blake Snow

Though not as extraordinary as Gibby's famous Game Room, Joystiq reader Kevout impressed us with his 32-system gamer rig (21-connected), Photoshop labeling skills, nice organization, and TV pity case. He tells us that he actually got the pictured TV out of a dumpster, and that he "spends all his money on video games" rather than investing in a decent TV. For the winning, Kevout gets a FREE copy of Dead Rising for the 360.

Honorable mention: BJ Privette (Nice labels, skull, and classic systems!)

Many thanks to Capcom for the game, and to all who sent in their rig pictures. We'll also be giving away four more copies of Dead Rising all this week in daily contests, so "Hooray Games!" (spoken in my best Jamaican accent) is in order.

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