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TUAW "It's Showtime!" predictions

David Chartier

It's that time ladies and gentlemen: the pre-event post where the TUAW team put it all on the line and offer up their predictions on what we'll be throwing down our credit cards for after tomorrow's It's Showtime special event. In all actuality, there isn't much on the line for us, but it's still fun to see how close we can come to predicting Apple's product roadmap. Without further adieu, here are our predictions, in no particular order:

Scott McNulty plays it safe with predictions that echo the rest of the Apple-anxious internets:

  • New iPod
  • Movies in the iTunes Music Store
  • iTunes 7
Dan Pourhadi is as excited for iPods as the rest of us, but is also hoping for something new along the lines of other video devices, including even some sort of an Apple TV:
  • Movie download service
  • Video streaming device (and possibly TVs to go with it)
  • Some kind of new iPod (leaning towards metal nano)
Dave Caolo is keeping it conservative as well:
  • Movies in iTunes
  • Updated iPod
David Chartier (yours truly) - I don't feel the need to echo what's already been said, but I am also tossing my bet in with Dan Pourhadi on a video streaming device in the specific form of an updated AirPort Express, as it is probably the Apple product of all the potential new gadgets tomorrow that hasn't been touched, updated or so much as sneezed at for the longest time. Also, along with Scott's prediction of iTunes 7, I think the new version will usher in a new name for the store.

I'll also take the liberty to throw down some non-predictions: I don't think tomorrow will have anything to do with Macs whatsoever, including these new rumors of a sub-Mac Pro tower and new chips in MacBook Pros. I think tomorrow is all about the entertainment, iPods and any related gadgets, baby!

But don't take our word for it - we'll find out in about 16 hours whether we're one step closer to gaining 'magic 8-ball' status. Stay tuned!

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