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Wynton Marsalis headlines Private Performance Series in HD


Whether you just sacrificed a few nights out to afford the new HDTV, or don't find much reason in going out after getting one -- and with some of our readers' setups why would you? -- Morton's Steakhouse thinks they have just the thing: A private live performance by jazz great Wynton Marsalis and of course a four-course meal. Marsalis won't actually be live in front of you, you'll be sitting in Morton's "HD Suite" that seats 40 watching a satellite broadcast of his live performance on a 108-inch HD screen (no word on the resolution), with 7.2 surround sound and a limited-edition copy of the performance signed by the performer on HD DVD. It seems like they're really trying to give the feeling of a live in-person private performance with 16 cameras and the ability for guests to have a Q&A after the performance. Looks like the theater, not just the movie theater, needs to be wary of high definition if something like this catches on, two nights only, October 6th & 7th. Still, for $250 some might choose a DVR'd copy of Legends of Jazz and some takeout.

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