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HDTV finally comes to head

Matt Burns

This is what we have been missing in the HDTV game. We have seen HDTV cameras in newsrooms, studios, helicopters and even on the bow of a speed boat, but we have yet to see HDTV by way of one of these helmet cams. For good reason too as who would want one of those monster cameras on their head? But thanks to Iconix, we should start seeing nausea-inducing high-def shots from peoples noggins real soon. They have produced a super-miniature 3CCD 720p/1080p cam. This little boy weighs in at the super-duper-light weight class at 2.3oz and is less then two inches square. But this small package comes with a price; a $16,000 price. Still, who can put a price on even more high-def action?

[via DVguru]

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