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INHD might just come to Dish Network

Matt Burns

We here at HDBeat have always been skeptical about the whole Dish Network carrying INHD thing. INHD is owned by a group of cable companies so it just doesn't seem in their best interest to allow Dish, or DIRECTV, to carry their station. But then again, that would be illegal. Something apparently happened as Dish withdrew a formal complaint against the station. Could this signal a deal in the works between the provide and the station? We sure hope so as that brings Dish Networks national HD lineup to a whopping 31 stations - extending their lead over DIRECTV even farther. 31 one HD Oh but we have more good news. Hometheaterblog found some uplinks over on forums that include 15 HD regional sports stations along with NHLHD and NBAHD stations. What more could you want?

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