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OLPC dual-mode display gets for reals


The last update we got on the "CM1" OLPC's state of development was that everything was pretty far along except for that proprietary dual-mode display they'd been touting since day one. Well, it's finally gotten real in the form of a boxy prototype running Squeak. With specs like "higher resolution than 95% of the laptop displays on the market today," "sunlight readability" and "room-light readability with the backlight off," the display has some pretty high expectations to live up to. From what we can tell of the prototype, it's at least readable, and the 22.2 frames per second isn't too bad neither. Now the challenge is seeing how well they manage to stuff this bad boy into one of those minuscule laptops of theirs, and how long it will take for this tech to become available to us lowly consumers.

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