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The Series 3 has landed; UPDATE available on

Ben Drawbaugh

It appears that our buddy Dave Zatz has been holding out on his this entire time and has the scoop on the Series 3 at the price of his soul. We don't blame him, we would have sold our soul and his to get an early look like this at the Series 3. We forgive you Dave!

Almost everything we thought we knew about the Series 3 has became a reality, ALMOST, we have to take the good with the bad and here it is after the break.

Good things we didn't know.

  • HD Only Now Playing list
  • Detailed HD information such as resolution in guide data.

Bad things we were afraid of.
  • H.264 support not enabled by default
  • No Multi-room Viewing out of the box. (Maybe a hack?)
  • No TiVoToGo out of the box
  • No External eSATA drive at launch either.
  • No way to manually map QAM channels.
Our price speculation was dead on and is available on now.
Now it is a race between Best Buy and UPS, who will win? Look forward to our full review!
You can also check out Dave's Videos of the Series 3 in action over at Engaget.
Series 3 Remote
It's weighted and back-lit too!
Series 3 Display
Nice display, too bad this guy will be in the closet where no one will be able to enjoy it.

Series 3 Guts
Wow, looks like there is room for a second hard drive.

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