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TUAW Chatcast for It's Showtime special event

David Chartier

Here we go boys and girls with another TUAW chatcast for today's It's Showtime event. We'll be updating this post with a word-for-word transcript of our chatroom so you can peer into the minds of the TUAW bloggers in real time!

Read on for the transcript, and we'll update it as quickly as we can.

Begin TUAW chatcast:

David Chartier: oh yea, typical disclaimer: keep it clean everyone, this is a family blog
Dan Lurie: thanks for the reminder dave
Dan Lurie: any idea why paul is covering the event instead of ryan or peter?
Dan Lurie: /me hugs macrumors live and the wonders of ajax page refreshing
10:55 AM
David Chartier: bathroom break
Scott McNulty: Dave is just so excited!
Dan Lurie: ohhh
Dan Lurie: thought
Dan Lurie: maybe apple is streaming it
Dan Lurie: AND it will be the first thing avialable for download on the movie store
David Chartier: brb

AIM Chat with Dan Lurie
10:57 AM
Dan Pourhadi has joined this chat.
10:57 AM
Scott McNulty has joined this chat.
10:57 AM
David Chartier: much better
Dan Lurie: walter mossberg needs no special event!
Dan Lurie: he's had the iThing for a month now
Scott McNulty: I am sure he has seen it
Scott McNulty: and he'll have a review up
David Chartier: *I got it* - we need to mug mossberg for his house keys a month before apple events!
11:00 AM
Dan Lurie: yes
Scott McNulty: Walt can kill a man with a glance
Dan Lurie: or just hide in his house
Dan Lurie: I like the idea of hiding in his hosue
Dan Lurie: he probably has some really cool other stuff
Dan Pourhadi: can someone monitor the stream and let me know if it starts to work
Scott McNulty: sure
Dan Lurie: ill be in and out
Dan Lurie: have to keep working on my poster design
Scott McNulty: sadly it is a 404 now
Dan Pourhadi: alright
Dan Lurie: and we're off!
Dan Lurie: /me plays the william tell overture
Dan Lurie: steve is on sez engdgt
Scott McNulty: Oh, Steve, please give us new iPods
Scott McNulty: and new iPod socks
Dan Lurie: sox
Scott McNulty: rox?
Dan Lurie: the proper spelling is sox
Dan Lurie: yes
Dan Lurie: talk of ipods
Dan Lurie: and engadget is still relatively responsive
Scott McNulty: As is TUAW
11:05 AM
Scott McNulty: for the most part
Scott McNulty: I wish apple would stream these again
David Chartier: my live broadcast is still paused. Jobs still lacing up his Nikes?
Scott McNulty: He's on the stage
Scott McNulty: I don't think they are live streaming it
Dan Pourhadi: are the TUAW pages refreshing for you guys?
Scott McNulty: yep
Scott McNulty: they are a little slow
Dan Pourhadi: ok
David Chartier: TUAW brings AOL to its knees! mwahaha
Scott McNulty: 450K of Nike+iPod sports kits in less than 90 days?
Scott McNulty: that is outrageous!
Scott McNulty: Though I am thinking of getting one and lord knows I don't jog
David Chartier: I love mine; total inspiration to get out there more
Scott McNulty: which is way I want to get one
Scott McNulty: Clever Apple
David Chartier: Lance Armstrong told me I'm the man the other day for breaking my best one mile time. I was all "thanks Lance!" and he's all "sure, Dave"
Dan Lurie: lol
Scott McNulty: woah, so personalized
Dan Lurie: ipod update
Dan Lurie: bigger capacity
Dan Lurie: brigher screen
Dan Lurie: gapless playback
Dan Lurie: and get this
Dan Lurie: omgomgomgomg
Dan Lurie:
David Chartier: 1" longer?
Scott McNulty: And I just bought new headphones
David Chartier: twice the price?
Scott McNulty: instant searching on the iPod
11:10 AM
Scott McNulty: and games!
Dan Lurie: ipod gamez
Dan Lurie: seriously though
Dan Lurie: games?
Scott McNulty: yeah, of little use to me
David Chartier: MacRumors: instant searching - on the iPod?
Dan Lurie: spotpod
Dan Lurie: aaaand. engadgets down
Dan Lurie: that was a record I think
Dan Lurie: wait
Dan Lurie: its back up
Scott McNulty: We are so very popular today
Dan Lurie: wth is "zuma"
Dan Lurie: should i kinow this?
Scott McNulty:
Dan Lurie: ouch
Dan Lurie: pageslap
Dan Lurie: games will work on the old 5g
Scott McNulty: google is your friend
David Chartier: and engadget is down for the count!
David Chartier: we're crawling too
Dan Lurie: dave, its up and down
David Chartier: and left, and northeast
Dan Lurie: 249 and 349 with 60GB and 80GB capacity
David Chartier: whoa, price drop
Dan Lurie: not bad
Dan Lurie: yeah
David Chartier: first evar
Dan Lurie: thats really nice'
Scott McNulty: hmm I might have to get myself a new iPod
Dan Lurie: now I can afford one!
David Chartier: but not widescreen huh
Dan Lurie: werent you getting yourself a 24 inch scott?
Scott McNulty: I'm going from 40 gigs to 80! Woo!
Dan Lurie: give it time dave
Dan Lurie: give it time
Dan Lurie: I think we'll see one yet
Scott McNulty: aluminum nanos!
David Chartier: cmoon big money on a size bump!
David Chartier: *phew*, wireless went out there for a sec. Which reminds me: cmooon big money on a new APE!
11:15 AM
Dan Lurie: nano with mini colors
Scott McNulty: people do like the colors
David Chartier: I knew it; I said they'd do that last year when those things landed
Scott McNulty: 24 hour battery?
Scott McNulty: nice
David Chartier: yowsa
David Chartier: I wonder what aluminum does for them; no scratch?
David Chartier: is it dyed aluminum, no paint?
Scott McNulty: makes 'em more rugged
Dan Lurie: its the same as the mini
Dan Lurie: it makes them sexy
Dan Pourhadi: new shuffle
Scott McNulty: anodized I would imagine
Dan Lurie: and pretty durable
Dan Pourhadi: size of remote
David Chartier: noice
Dan Pourhadi: metal
Dan Lurie: cept for the screen
Dan Lurie: noyce
Dan Pourhadi: white clickwheel
Dan Lurie: now i can update my shuffle
Dan Lurie: I got mine the day it was announced
David Chartier: nah the LCD can be metal too. With a flux... capacitor... metallide... dycarbonate
David Chartier: 8GB yay
Dan Lurie: haha
David Chartier: I'm really, really happy that the new software works on older models
David Chartier: I bet they took a lot of heat for screwing people with stuff like that
Dan Lurie: still holding out black for the high end looks like
David Chartier: of course; black is the new black
David Chartier: yea guys we are K.O'd
Dan Lurie: hmm
Dan Lurie: the new shuffle is bigger, no?
Dan Lurie: apple remote is larger volume than the old shuffle, right
Dan Lurie: ?
David Chartier: so you can swallow a shuffle now
David Chartier: mmm, tunes in my belly!
David Chartier: no the iPod Radio Remote
David Chartier: it's like a square
Dan Lurie: oh
Dan Lurie: wtf
holy crap
Scott McNulty: wait a second, the nano is 52% smaller and the previous generation
Dan Lurie: wow
Dan Lurie: thats insane
Scott McNulty: that nano is tiny
Dan Lurie: thats almost too small
Dan Lurie: do we ahve pics?
11:20 AM
David Chartier: where you seeing purty pi'tures?
Dan Lurie: I have trouble keeping track of my shuffle
Dan Lurie: this new one is like the ipod picanyo
David Chartier: you need the lanyard
Scott McNulty: all the new iPods are available today
David Chartier: or with this one you can just swallow it
Dan Pourhadi: is engadget down now too?
Dan Pourhadi: or just really slow?
Dan Lurie: slow
Dan Lurie: we're totally down though
Dan Pourhadi: perfect
Dan Pourhadi: iLounge isn't feeding updates anymore, i dont know what happened
David Chartier: just goes to show: Engadget's and our popularity is at times even too tough for the mighty AOL to handle!
Scott McNulty: people like iPods
Scott McNulty: I've said it before and I'll say it again
David Chartier: y'know they do seem kinda popular... I think Apple is on to something here
Scott McNulty: they should start advertising them or something
David Chartier: cover art! blamo!
Scott McNulty: that is sweet
Dan Lurie: kickass
Dan Lurie: thats awsaome
Scott McNulty: sadly it also kills lots of 3rd party apps
David Chartier: but what about piracy? That's potentially GB of free art they're just GIVING away! Where's the RIAA?! Someone think of the children!!
David Chartier: well there goes that rockin Cover Flow 3rd party app
Dan Lurie: lol
Scott McNulty: yeah, that kinda sucks but they must have known it would be in iTunes sooner or later
David Chartier: perils of being a 3rd party yo. That's why I shoot for goin' 2nd party
Scott McNulty: what is 2nd party? I have oftened wondered
Scott McNulty: Apple is 1st
Scott McNulty: everyone else is 3rd
Dan Pourhadi: 10:28 - move iTunes media between multiple computers with iPod as the conduit!
David Chartier: engadget's back up
Scott McNulty: now that's cool
Dan Lurie: wait
Dan Lurie: they actually called it "cover flow view"
Dan Lurie: what a rip
David Chartier: oh wow I can see that search interface now. amazing
11:30 AM
David Chartier: Dan was right; it's SpotPod
Dan Lurie: /me bows
Dan Lurie: yeah, that does look really cool
David Chartier: that iPod price drop is pretty significant though; they have *never* lowered the iPod's price, not since day 1
Dan Pourhadi: are we still totally down?
Dan Lurie: wonder how efficient typing with the clickwheel is though
Scott McNulty: nope we're up
David Chartier: wait, the screen at Engadget shows the iPod went 30 and 80 GB
Scott McNulty: typing with the wheel won't be fun
David Chartier: computer syncing via iPod!!
Scott McNulty: what is computer syncing?
Dan Pourhadi: jeez chartier read my messages
David Chartier: hey I would if yours weren't so... uh, UGLY
David Chartier: sorry I think I was updating the chatcast
Dan Pourhadi: pshhh my messages make your messages look like ... like ... the Dell DJ Ditty!
David Chartier: but as Pourhadi pointed out, you can sync your library between computers as long as you're authorized on both machines
David Chartier: *killer*
David Chartier: *rhymes with ditty*
Scott McNulty: that is awesome
Scott McNulty: now I can sync at home and at work
Dan Lurie: any word about these thigns being in stores today?
11:35 AM
Dan Lurie: I have to stop by the genius bar to get my powerbook looked at
Scott McNulty: they said the new iPods/nanos are available today
Dan Lurie: cool
Dan Lurie: I'll try and do a quick mini review
Scott McNulty: I might go buy onew
Scott McNulty: one that is
Dan Pourhadi: ditto
Dan Pourhadi: depending on what the One More Thing is...
Scott McNulty: yes
Dan Pourhadi: One more thing...
Dan Pourhadi: "movies"
Dan Pourhadi: darnit
Dan Lurie: I want to know if I can get all my old episodes of lost in that double resolution
Dan Lurie: wait
Dan Pourhadi: no sweet hardware
Dan Lurie: he might do the video with the movies
Dan Lurie: still a chance
David Chartier: you mean Mac-stuff Pourhadi?
Dan Pourhadi: we'll see
Dan Lurie: pessimist pourhadi
Dan Lurie:
Dan Pourhadi: I've learned not to be too high hoped about these things
David Chartier: yea Pourhadi's a 'glass isn't only half full, I just hurled it against a wall' kind of guy
David Chartier: er, *half empty
Dan Pourhadi:
Scott McNulty: all Disney owned movies in the iTunes store
David Chartier: I am really, really happy about the iTunes+iPod software updates so far. They both needed it
Scott McNulty: $12.99 for movies, pre-ordered
Scott McNulty: 14.99 afterwards
Scott McNulty: that is a tad high I think
David Chartier: wow, way to screw the customers
Scott McNulty: that's for new releases
Scott McNulty: most of 9.99
David Chartier: I bet that was the compromise with the studios
Scott McNulty: which is the sweet spot I think
David Chartier: "We wanna charge $30!"
Dan Lurie: these better be at least vga
Dan Lurie: otherwise its a total ripoff
Dan Pourhadi: 640x480 res
Dan Pourhadi: dolby surround
Scott McNulty: Ah, I haven't seen Cars yet
Scott McNulty: so I'll be buying that
Scott McNulty: I love it 'near DVD quality'
Dan Pourhadi: yeah
David Chartier: cars was absolutely fantastic
Dan Pourhadi: *rolls eyes*
David Chartier: I'll admit it: I got a little misty
David Chartier: Pourhadi, go smash a glass somewhere
David Chartier:
Dan Pourhadi:
Scott McNulty: movies will be available internationally in 2007
Dan Lurie: we still have 15 minutes
Dan Lurie: cmon
Dan Lurie: one more thing
Dan Pourhadi: he already did it
Dan Lurie: video ipod
Dan Pourhadi: it was movies
Dan Lurie: cmon
Dan Lurie: comon
Scott McNulty: ok who want to post about what?
David Chartier: two more things
Dan Lurie: he's done two one more things before
Dan Lurie: with the shuffle and the mini
Dan Pourhadi: only one was the "One more thing..."
Dan Pourhadi: the shuffle was "one more thing"
Dan Pourhadi: the mini was introduced before it
Dan Lurie: shss you
Dan Lurie: dashing my hopes and dreams
Dan Pourhadi: that is my job!
Dan Lurie: on the rocks of history and fact
David Chartier: Pourhadi, I love it: "640x480 res (meh)
Dan Pourhadi: preorder cars today
Dan Pourhadi: hahaha
David Chartier: I thought it was the year of HD
Dan Lurie: yeah
Dan Lurie: good point
David Chartier: but they're cranking out CD?
Scott McNulty: preorder?! I want to watch cars now!
Dan Lurie: we see none HD
David Chartier: (Crappy Definition)
Dan Lurie: only fricking hd in trailers
Dan Lurie: haha
Dan Pourhadi: usage rights same as TV shows
Dan Pourhadi: (no burning?)
David Chartier: meaning "none"
Dan Lurie: cd
Dan Lurie: is it over?
11:45 AM
Dan Pourhadi: Bob Iger is stepping on stage
Dan Lurie: bob whonow?
Dan Lurie: disney guy?
Dan Pourhadi: Disney
David Chartier: also available in the store: Disney's soul; they don't need it anymore
Dan Lurie: lol
Dan Pourhadi: haha
Scott McNulty: Steve is their largest shareholder
Scott McNulty: he OWNS them
David Chartier: $30
David Chartier: woops
Scott McNulty: I'd buy Disney for $30
David Chartier: was trying to search for the next chunk of chatcast to include
Scott McNulty: ok so we have to post about the iPod, nano, shuffle, iTunes 7, and movies
Scott McNulty: plus the TV show resolution
Scott McNulty: any takers?
Dan Lurie: I'd say yes, but I have bio in an hour, and i have to eat
Dan Lurie: unless we can wait until this afternoon to post, wich I doubt
Scott McNulty: no, we can't sadly
Scott McNulty: we have to post within an hour of the end of the stevenote
Scott McNulty: if not sooner
David Chartier: I'll take iTunes 7
David Chartier: trying to find it now
Dan Lurie: its not linked yet
Dan Lurie: on the apple page
David Chartier: well this isn't over yet
11:50 AM
Scott McNulty: exactly
David Chartier: gotcha
Dan Lurie: ah
Scott McNulty: I'll do the iPod (the big one)
Scott McNulty: and we'll go from there
David Chartier: what do you want on 7; just an editorial? Or you want me to wait until I can get it?
Dan Pourhadi: wrapping it up
Scott McNulty: I want a post that says: itunes 7 released wth blah bla
David Chartier: k
Scott McNulty: and then I want a post with pics after someone downloads it
Scott McNulty: BOTH!
Dan Pourhadi: "one last thing"
Scott McNulty: 'We're switching to AMD!'
Dan Lurie: god dammit
Dan Pourhadi: 10:52 - "one last thing": Q1 of 2007 "completes the story"
Dan Lurie: I want my itunes 7 now
David Chartier: LURIE
Dan Lurie: what?
David Chartier: that's more editing I have to do
Dan Lurie: tiger relase date
Dan Lurie: i bet
Dan Pourhadi: but now...TV
David Chartier: Tiger release date is around 4/29/04
David Chartier: er, 05
Dan Lurie: hahah
Dan Lurie: I'm an idiot
Dan Lurie: leopard
Dan Pourhadi: 10:52 - "you can take content to a computer or iPod...but now: TV"; Apple will release a wireless box for the TV
David Chartier: APE
Dan Pourhadi: Q1 2007
Dan Lurie: right
Scott McNulty: Q1 2007
Dan Lurie: I never said today
David Chartier: please don't call it TubePort
Scott McNulty: Tivo, start your photocopies?
Dan Lurie: /me sticks tounge out
David Chartier: HAH
Dan Pourhadi: 'iTV"
Dan Pourhadi: like mac mini
Dan Lurie: omg
Dan Lurie: ist that the name?
Dan Pourhadi: big screen flat TV
Dan Pourhadi: not the final name
Dan Lurie: oh
Dan Lurie: whew
Scott McNulty: iTV is better than tubeport
Dan Lurie: nice
Dan Lurie: damn, big tvs
David Chartier: no way!
11:55 AM
Dan Lurie: YAH WEH!
Dan Lurie: /me made a pun
Dan Lurie: hehe
Dan Lurie: hehe
Scott McNulty: it works with the Apple Remote
Scott McNulty: which is kind of limited as a remote
Dan Lurie: simplicity my man
David Chartier: yea that'll be interesting
Scott McNulty: Elgato must be pleased as punch about this
Dan Lurie: wait
Dan Lurie: does it have a tuner though?
Scott McNulty: hmm
Scott McNulty: that is a godo question
Scott McNulty: good that is
Dan Lurie: without a tuner, elgato still has market control
David Chartier: who knows, maybe Elgato got to make it
Dan Lurie: I personally like the Miglia stuff better than the Elgato
Dan Lurie: uses the same software, but the Miglia hardware is better IMO
Dan Lurie: you know
12:00 PM
Dan Lurie: steve should be able to press a button on his little blue remote
and open some magic silicon gate that unlocks the pages for whatever he just announced
Dan Lurie: as hes doing it
Scott McNulty: hmm that might be a bit much, even for apple
Dan Lurie: bah
Dan Lurie: nothing is too much for apple
Dan Lurie: I hear there'es gonna be fireworks and Ligers at MWSF07
Dan Lurie:
Scott McNulty: now that would b something
Dan Lurie: whoa
Dan Lurie: that itv is tiny
Scott McNulty: yes it is
Dan Lurie: its like the size of that belkin usb hub for the mini
Dan Lurie: HOLY CRAP
Dan Lurie: engadget has a picture of the shuffle
Dan Lurie: how the hell did they get it that small
Scott McNulty: magic
Dan Lurie: also
Dan Lurie: does it still have a USB plug in it?
Scott McNulty: hmm
Scott McNulty: I imagine it does
Dan Pourhadi: dock
Dan Lurie: I hope so
Dan Lurie: damn
Dan Lurie: I like being able to just plug my shuffle in
Dan Pourhadi: no tuner in the set-top it seems
Dan Lurie: how much is the new shuffle going for?
Dan Pourhadi: $79
Dan Lurie: nice
Scott McNulty: el gato is happy
Dan Lurie: I'm going to have to pick one up today!
Dan Lurie: /me does the new ipod dance
Scott McNulty: and post about it!
Dan Lurie: I will
Dan Lurie: lossa pictures
Scott McNulty: excellent
Dan Lurie: explicit hard core ipod pron money shots
Dan Lurie: "ohh.. look at that sexy dock connector"
Scott McNulty: ok, that's enough of that
Dan Lurie: hehe
12:05 PM
Dan Pourhadi: I'm probably going to get a new nano
David Chartier: me too, maybe
Dan Lurie: screw eating
Dan Lurie: so I have 123 bucks in my account
Dan Lurie: I need that shuffle
David Chartier: no you don't
Scott McNulty: I'm getting an 80 gig iPod methinks
Dan Lurie: yes i do
Dan Lurie: my current one is held together with sticky tape
Dan Lurie: the click button fell off
Dan Lurie: its a hard life, I know
Scott McNulty: this is why having a fulltime job is nice
Scott McNulty: darn students
Dan Lurie: yeah
Dan Lurie: darn students
Dan Lurie: whom you work for
Scott McNulty: that's true
Scott McNulty: that's why I love students
Scott McNulty: iTV: $299
Dan Lurie: wow
Dan Lurie: hmm
Dan Lurie: so let me get this straight
Dan Lurie: you plug the itv into your mac
Scott McNulty: no, it is a network device
Dan Lurie: and use a special version of front row running on the itv to control the media on your mac?
Scott McNulty: plug it into your network, or wired or wireless
Scott McNulty: and then the media is streamed to your iTV
Dan Lurie: whatever, I'm asking if it is a standalone device, or if the mac has to be running
Dan Lurie: ah
Scott McNulty: that's what I imagine at least
Dan Lurie: so this IS the air port express video essentially
Dan Pourhadi: it streams from iTunes
Scott McNulty: without being a basestation
David Chartier: depending on its size
Dan Pourhadi: you need iTunes running on a computer on the network
Dan Pourhadi: (PC or Mac)
Dan Lurie: I wonder if I can use my student discount on the shuffle
David Chartier: they don't have one anymore
Dan Lurie: also, I hope it supports podcasts
Dan Lurie: what do you mean they dont have one any more
Dan Lurie: since when
12:10 PM
Dan Lurie: are video's on sale today?
Scott McNulty: another one more thing!
Dan Lurie: hahahaha
Scott McNulty: though I think it is just introing someone to play a song
Dan Lurie: hahaha
Dan Lurie: I win
Dan Lurie: I win I win
Dan Lurie: still
Dan Pourhadi: yeah it's not a product
Dan Lurie: I win
Dan Lurie: but not really
Dan Lurie: You see kids, here at TUAW, we're all winners!
Dan Lurie: Except for you chartier, you lose.
Dan Lurie:
David Chartier: scraps from our winnings, Dan. scraps
Dan Lurie: wait
Dan Lurie: the shuffle comes with a dock
Dan Lurie: thats awesome
Dan Pourhadi: again ignoring my messages!
Dan Lurie: wait
Dan Lurie: dammit
Dan Pourhadi: You two are in it together!
Dan Lurie: they're not on sale today!
Dan Lurie: waaaaaaaaaaa
David Chartier: no the shuffles come in Oct
Dan Lurie: darn
Dan Lurie: I got all excited
Scott McNulty: aww
12:15 PM
Dan Pourhadi: I'm definitely getting a nano
David Chartier: me too, probably
Dan Lurie: how much is the nano?
Dan Lurie: I might get one now that I'm not spending all my cash today
Dan Lurie:
Dan Lurie: ok
Dan Lurie: even though the itunes landing page still says 6
Dan Lurie: the version you download is 7
David Chartier: it usually takes a while after keynotes
Scott McNulty: is updated
David Chartier: refresh, it's up
Scott McNulty: let's get to posting
Dan Lurie: holy crap
Dan Lurie: itunes icon is blue now
Dan Pourhadi: no nanos at my local store
Dan Lurie: and shiner
Dan Pourhadi: (n. mich. avenue)
David Chartier: upgrading iTunes now
David Chartier: no edu pricing
David Chartier: at least yet

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