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Uniden's new UDC-7M cam: now with less crap?

Cyrus Farivar

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Last time Uniden came out with a camera, we dubbed it the "crapcam," mostly for its superlow price of $100, which seemed a bit sketchy. Today, we came across another Uniden cam for over $200, called the UDC-7M. It's a 7 megapixel, 4x optical zoom, 2.4-inch screen ISO 50 to 800 shooter, and according the company's site it comes with 26.5MB of internal storage -- that's an odd number, no? There's also an SD/MMC card slot for those who can't make do with that paltry internal storage. The cam is for sale -- in one of three bright colors -- direct from Uniden in Japan, and including shipping, costs ¥24,980. But what's the best part of the 7M's listing? You know it's a quality item when at the bottom of the product description, it says: "This product is BRAND NEW" -- just how we like 'em.

[Via Far East Gizmos]

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