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Interview: Gearbox president sounds off on Wii, PS3, 360

Blake Snow

The October issue of EGM features a candid interview with Gearbox founder and president, Randy Pitchford, regarding his thoughts on all three next-gen platforms. The game developer is primarily known for Brothers In Arms, Half-Life, and several PC ports including Halo and Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3. Here are some of the most notable comments from the interview:

  • On comparing the PS3 to Wii: "From a computing power point of view, the PS3 is a generational leap. The Wii is not."
  • On Wii development: "The Wii is like a supercharged GameCube! We can do things exactly like we did them in the last generation, except we have faster processors and lots of extra RAM for us to make everything look better and run faster."
  • On online play: "I think it's a little optimistic to imagine that Sony or Nintendo can beat what Microsoft has done with Xbox Live as they kick off."
  • When asked if Wii or PS3 will have a better chance of success: "I'd have to go with Nintendo this round. In its favor are a nice price point, a very interesting interface, and a library of must-have first-party games as well as retro classic games... Sony can peak at a much higher plateau than Nintendo (with respect to maximum installed base potential), but they have a number of risk factors to deal with."
  • On supporting Wii, PS3, 360: "We are strongly supporting all next-gen systems including the 360, PS3, and the Wii. Depending upon how things unfold, we are very adaptable and agile [read: peeps can be dropped]."

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