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LaCie boosts F.A. Porsche-desgined hard drives to 500GB

Darren Murph

Still milking that partnership with F.A. Porsche, LaCie has ramped up the capacity in its oh-so-distinguishable Porsche-designed external hard drive to a half a terabyte. Still rocking that sleek, silver case, the company's latest drive sports all the same amenities of its less spacious brethren, but stuffs a 500GB drive inside the fanless enclosure, which rolls along at 7200RPM and sports "at least" 8MB of cache (nail it down, guys!). LaCie also throws in all the cabling needed to get those transfers a-blazing, and encourages you to backup your system via its "1-Click" software -- but we know you're holding out for Time Machine. If you just can't resist pairing a supercar-branded hard drive with your wildly exotic notebook, the USB 2.0 flavor is currently shipping for $249, while the FireWire edition is slated to drop in October for $279.

[Via MacMinute]

UPDATE: Melissa Logan from LaCie wrote in to say that this drive does actually have a cooling fan, it just shuts off when not in use.

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