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SanDisk intros 4GB miniSDHC card for cellphones


It may not be as small as a microSD card, but if you value size in bytes over size in millimeters, SanDisk is looking to hook you up with their new 4GB miniSDHC flash card, announced at CTIA. SanDisk is pushing this one squarely for use in cellphones, touting it as the cure-all solution to your multimedia woes, able to store some 2,000 high-res pics, 1,000 songs, or 8 hours of MPEG-4 video. You will, unfortunately, have to wait a bit to get all that sweet storage space in your phone -- SanDisk's currently offering samples of the cards to OEMs, with a retail release of the card set for sometime next year, though no price has been announced. Either way, you'd better hope miniSDHC is a feature your cellphone supports.

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