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So you are new to World of Warcraft...

David Nelson

When I was new in WoW, I was terribly confused. I had an idea of what was going on, but this was my first real MMORPG, and I did some stupid things. I recently went back and checked out a level 22 rogue I abandoned a month after launch, and I saw she came complete with a couple pieces of +spirit leather and two daggers with +int. Oops! I was most definitely the subject of much laughter when people inspected my gear.

Here at WoW Insider we want to help the new player in the spirit of Mike's helpful post of a week ago. From the number of tips and questions we see on a daily basis, it is clear that while a good number of our readers are nowhere near new, a lot of new players stumble upon us via Joystiq while they are still young Orcs running around the Barrens trying to find Mankrik's wife.

To give the newbies some useful information, we are starting a regular post dedicated to them. Will it be useful for the hardcore and the vets? I'm afraid not. However, if we can help just one newb avoid asking about where he can find the mage trainer in Ratchet, and the ensuing rude replies, it will be all worth it. If anyone has a suggestion for some good, newb-helpful topics, please send them our way.

Oh, and for our first lesson.... Mankrik's wife.

[Update: Switched link from Allakhazam to WoWwiki]

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