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Super Secret Apple Rumors Podcast 088 - 09.13.2006

Trent Wolbe
Jobs had some lots of iPods man, plenty of those damned iPods -- and now they're back in aluminum, too, not just in that white and black plastic stuff. Oh, and now iTunes plays movies, incorporated in that CoverFlow software, and will better sync to your other PCs -- or stream media to your iTV, due in 2007. Yes, it was indeed a full day for Stevie J., but in the end it turned out alright for Apple fans the world over. Unless you were waiting for an iPhone or video iPod, in which case you're kind of out of luck.

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Host: Steve Jobs

Producer: Trent Wolbe

Format: 01:06:14, 30.4 MB, MP3

2:55 - Apple launches "enhanced" 5.5G iPod
9:15 - 2G nano announced!
14:10 - iPod shuffle now "world's smallest MP3 player"
17:19 - iTunes 7 with iTunes Movie Store announced!
50:15 - Apple to release iTV video streaming box in 2007


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