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Wii to utilize OS that allows updates


During the recent interviews Satoru Iwata conducted with Japanese Wii designers and engineers, Genyo Takeda let slip that the Wii's operating system will be able to receive updates. Takeda, who is general manager of Nintendo's Integrated Research & Development division, let this little nugget slip during the third part of the first interview.

With this being a first for Nintendo as previous systems lacked this feature, the first thing one should do is try to interpret how this could benefit and/or harm Nintendo and their console's users. Of course, the benefits come in the added service of patches and including extra features for gamers. The harm, really, is nonexistent, at least in the eyes of the Wii Fanboy staff. Sure, maybe Nintendo could charge for features or something, but do we honestly expect this to be the case?

With Nintendo's press event tomorrow, we expect to hear more on the console's OS from New York city.

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