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You could be eating this Xbox 360 controller [update 1]

Vladimir Cole

We hope to place this fine Xbox 360 controller replica made of milk chocolate and M&Ms in the hands of one lucky Joystiq reader by month's end.

To win it, write a limerick (deadline 11:59 EDT Friday) on the topic of the console war now underway between Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. We'll choose the limerick we like most, and send your sugary controller via post, post-haste.

Just to get your creative juices flowing, here's one of Edward Lear's limericks, adapted:

There was an old man with a Wii,
Who waved it about quite freely;
But they called out, "Police!"
He was caged like a beast,
Now he dresses quite properly.

[Update 1: "Existonfile" has won for his bawdy limerick. Read it in the comments, below.]

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