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Canon announces the PowerShot G7


Canon has officially announced the PowerShot G7, the latest camera in the G-series which was last updated with the launch of the G6 way back in 2004. The key new features of the G7 are its 10 megapixel CCD sensor and the new 6x zoom lens with a f/2.8 to f/4.8 focal aperture, a 35mm-210mm focal length, and hardware optical image stabilization. Canon decided to drop the G6's 2-inch foldout LCD screen, instead opting for a fixed 207,000 pixel 2.5-inch screen. The G7 is internally different too, with a Digic III image processor that enables improved noise reduction, better color rendering, faster response times and most importantly, ISO 1600 sensitivity. There are also 25 different shooting modes -- including a manual mode and an impressive 1024 x 768, 15fps video capture mode -- along with support for SDHC cards as well as the usual MMC and SD cards. If you think the G7 is the right camera for you, then you'll have to wait until next month to part with the $599.99 that this one'll cost ya.

[Via Dpreview; thanks, spiky-haired]

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